Husband and wife team Jillian and Duncan Brake live on Bimini in the Bahamas, which is a literal shark heaven. Bimini is famous for its great hammerheads that congregate off the island during winter months, but it is also home to bulls, nurse sharks and of course southern stingrays. But this dynamic duo, who happen to be Prawno Ambassadors, do not merely spend their days lazing about with beautiful sharks while working on their wetsuit tan lines. These incredibly hardworking individuals are constantly off the island filming, giving lectures, teaching and advocating for shark conservation. It’s not rare to see Jillian (marine biologist and founder of sharks4kids) on a shark program on television talking about marine conservation, or Duncan (marine biologist/Emmy nominated cinematographer) in the credits. For both have been involved in major projects viewed by millions around the world.

And though their Instagram accounts are the envy of any underwater enthusiast, it’s nice to know that behind the stunning images is a most genuine, conservationist purpose that reaches way beyond the pretty pictures.