Michael wearing the Organic/Recycled “Penguin Parade” design

Perhaps you are planning your next dive trip, have booked a week at the beach with your family or are simply preparing for some warmer weather, but whatever the reason, it’s time to pack away the winter garb and refresh your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

Our second design release of the year includes three new designs: “Blues”, “O2” and “Penguin Parade”.  The three designs make up a playful mix of our love for sharks, our concern for the wellbeing of our oceans and a nod to the Southern Hemisphere.

Kim wearing the “Blues” Cap Sleeve Tank


Blues is made up of what is perhaps one of the most beautiful fish in all the oceans: the blue shark.  With long, slender bodies and shades of iridescent blues, these distinctive looking sharks are found all over the world.  Our design was particularly inspired by our friends at SD Expeditions (sdexpeditions.com) in San Diego, who take average folks like us out to see these beautiful fish in the flesh.

Available in our new Cap Sleeve Tank, Men’s and Women’s Tees, Eco Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt, Lightweight Zip and Men’s and Women’s Rash Guards.

Michael wearing the “Blues” Triblend Crew

Michael wearing the Organic/Recycled “O2” Tee


Our O2 design is a commentary on the fact that over 70% of the world’s oxygen comes from the ocean.  Literally the lungs of our planet, we are reliant on the wellbeing of marine plants for survival.  Hence, protecting the life cycle from the zooplankton to the apex predators should be of concern to all of us.

Within the design we have embedded fish eyes, sea fans, crustaceans and other animals from Hawaii and Palau to the Caribbean.

O2 is available in Men’s and Women’s Tees and Eco Dolman Blouse.

Kim wearing the “O2” Triblend Crew

Kim wearing the “Penguin Parade” Organic/Recycled Crew Tee

Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade was inspired by the fairy penguins that nest and feed along the coasts of southern Australia and New Zealand.  Also known as “little penguins,” these adorable yet vulnerable birds are threatened by human activity such as the destruction of nesting habitats by development, oil spills and fishing nets.

Available in Men’s and Women’s Tees and Eco Pullover.

Kim wearing the “Blues” Cap Sleeve tank and Michael wearing the “Penguin Parade” Triblend Crew

Kim wearing the “Blues” Rash Guard

Micheal wearing the “Blues” Rash Guard and Kim wearing the “Hammer Tracks” Rash Guard