Diving in the blue in our Prawno rash guards

About a month ago, we were diving the beautiful waters off the West Coast of Thailand. It was glorious. As we look back, whilst sitting sedentary at our computers, we are reminiscing about this glorious little adventure. And so, we decided to share a few pics. If you’re really interested in the adventure and the Similan Islands, you can check out our Creative Director, Lia Barrett’s, piece in Dive Photo Guide about the trip. Anyway, enjoy the pics!

– Lia

Pictured are Prawno Ambassador and Antarctic Station Leader, Jacque Comery, Prawno’s Creative Director, Lia Barrett, Ric Parker of Off the Chart Expeditions, Steve Boot of Big Blue Khao Lak and Pennycomequick (a pub in Cornwall), and Hank Preston who currently resides in Antarctica.

Jac checking out the soft corals at Koh Tachai Pinnacle

Busted strobe means mean shadows, but who cares. Look at those sea fans! So fluffy!

Friends on a rock

Ham-mer time? Goofing off, yet staying sun safe in our SPF 50+ rash guard

Jac daydreaming

Pretty in pink

Sucks to be this ship. Or does it? It gets to look at pretty fish and nosy divers all day!

Flying? Levitating? A higher being?