Coming out of our most recent design release is the new “Last Straw” design. Doing away with straws and other single-use plastics has become quite the buzz, and for good reason. If you think about it, it is extremely absurd how many resources are used to stir your coffee and cream together. The natural gas or petroleum that is extracted (a major process in itself) is formed into a resin, which is then melted, molded and colorized for aesthetic appeal. It is then packaged and shipped. The entire process involves resin byproducts, movement of goods and additional plastics used simply for either presentation or sanitation. In short, straws are a frivolous luxury that us lazy humans have made part of our everyday lives.

So in consciously committing to decline straws, and to make others aware of their daily choices, we have created a “Last Straw” design. Our take mimics artificial reefs that are installed or accidentally placed (by incidents such as ship wrecks) in oceans around the world. Coral will attach and eventually take over the structure, as if it were growing on rock or lava. The idea behind the design is that hopefully, we as consumers, will outgrow our reliance on single plastics like straws, and will turn to using less and/or more sustainable products. If we all chip in, eventually the plastic straw will be a relic like those wrecks that nature has overcome.

Available in men and women’s organic cotton/bamboo tees.